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In sailing history, to manifest the spirit of adventure and go down in history among the people, almost no one can be compared with Sir Francis Chichester. From 1966 to 1967, he single sailing voyage around the world, the move marked route, and later generations of men and women athletes sailing guide the direction. He was used in navigation equipment including a sextant and a Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual certified chronometer watch.

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Plymouth: the southwest wind, the sea calm. Sea conditions can be quite over, it is suitable for night descending on the British seaside town of the crowd, and that a much-anticipated meeting, remarkable sailors. This is a historic moment. Quarter of a million in the port surrounded for the triumphant return of the king of the sea of ​​cheers. Looking at Plymouth Bay, more than three hundred vessels are siren whistle, we have to pay tribute. All eyes are eager to invest in the British gentleman who lean body. He is an off paint on a white sailboat deck calm calmly doing their own work. Ship sixteen meters of mahogany boat drove back from the sea, two masts proudly stands among mending sails many times. Turn right to seize the wheel, then aboard the brig into the wind. In this global travel in the end, exhausted gentleman who will figure four sails slowly down one by one. Navigation to this is finally over.

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May 28, 1967, sailed back to the motherland port, Sir Francis Chichester became the world’s first full single person round about the earth from west to east, the way to stop only once. The voyage totaling more than 47,600 kilometers (29,600 miles), maritime sailing time was 226 days. He was the quickest to conquer the “Sea Everest” people. In bypassing the dangerous Cape Horn, he was 185 kilometers per hour (115 mph) winds shake, and 15 meters (50 feet) high waves wrestle. Basic navigation tools he uses include charts, a sextant, and a replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch type.

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Old Man
The British Antarctic Ocean Voyager via the famous cape of Good Hope Cape Horn, through the ancient high speed sailing course. He completed the distance in the time spent with the nineteenth century often through these waterways galleon time spent roughly equal, then they are transported galleon Australian wool, New Caledonia nickel ore and Chinese tea. Ship with eight crew theoretically designed brig “gypsy moth on the 4th” (Gipsy Moth IV), by Francis Chichester driving alone on board, but the ultimate achievement comparable to the more than fifty robust crew together with fast boats and fast four-masted brig.

Even more amazing is that repeatedly break the record at this time, Mr. aged 65 years. This sea adventure he finished alone, enough to make men half his age exhausted. Moreover, Francis Chichester learn sailing less than a decade.

Sir Francis is a successful self-made, have to get involved in almost all walks of life: from the real estate brokerage into pilots, from loggers into Voyager, and then became director of map production company, before sailing.

As early as eight years ago, he has defeated an effort that he killed the cancer. Endless thirst for adventure on his mind is an “uncontrollable impulse”, as if the Antarctic Ocean winds as strong, he decided to try to drive it as a voyage around the world.

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Francis Chichester triumphant return after a few weeks, the Queen of his heroic achievements and awards him as Jazz, when knighted used the sword, it is 400 years ago privateer Francis Drake seafarers a closure that is used when the Jazz.

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In Oyster Perpetual type wizard
Sir Francis Chichester seafarers not only of his generation the greatest one, is to open a new era of heroes. It is not yet sophisticated electronic products used in the era of sailing: GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite phone has not been born. Basically, the navigation can only rely on a sextant and a watch. Accurate, reliable, durable timing equipment is the key to success was to sail. Without these tools, Chichester tantamount boat blindfolded, unable to determine their exact location. Even in the vast sea front row, wearing a Rolex replica watches Oyster Perpetual watch, hand-held sextant Francis Chichester, can effectively confirm their position. In the actual voyage, navigators must be able to accurately read the time, usually to use the ship’s chart table marine chronometer. However, in the single-voyage, seafarers prefer to be able to read the time time players without leaving the cab (they use the sextant in the cab), and go to the cabin (see the time display of the marine chronometer), in order to avoid errors calculation of the bearing.

Francis Chichester chose sailing Rolex watch, which is a sign of truly professional seafarers, and not accidental. Prior to 1914, that is, his voyage around the world fifty years, the British Jiao Observatory (Kew Observatory) of the A-level first chronometer certificate awarded to a watch. That’s Rolex watch. This prestigious, demanding a certificate, it is extremely accurate proof, had been a monopoly of large marine chronometer, the certificate must be awarded through a number of extremely rigorous testing. After the success of Rolex, leaped into the largest certified chronometer watch manufacturers around the world, able to produce accurate enough to be a marine navigation instruments timepiece. Oyster waterproof case incomparably more reliable, can be called legendary for.

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‘Driving’ gypsy moth on the 4th ‘Global navigation period, several times my Rolex replica watch from my wrist knocked, but had no damage. “In 1968, Chichester wrote in a letter, “I can not imagine what a timepiece can be more robust than it is. I only Rolex watch with a sextant when operating on the front deck, watch frequently been hit, the ship is also head into the waves mad splash, but it’s all on the watch, it was like innocuous thing. “commendation from the really reflects the low-key British cautious man.

Sir Francis Chichester wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch type, in a special way gracefully made history, such as that night in September, as usual in the morning as he shaved the beard and put on velvet tuxedo, holding a champagne in the central Atlantic, sixty-five to celebrate his birthday. Put it on his wrist watch Rolex is still a bird, even when the helm was frequently splashed seawater wet, reliable watch has never let him down.

Offshore Location
Before GPS (Global Positioning System) invention, Chichester at sea need to determine when their location. Like many only means of knowledge of astronomy, Portuguese navigator, who studied the use of out method. One of the most important instruments include: sextant – navigators used it to measure the elevation of a star or planet with a horizon between to calculate latitude; marine chronometer – this time for precision measurement of longitude is indispensable tool.

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Calculate latitude (north-south position)
Star on the horizon height varies due to different latitudes, respectively. Polaris with a sextant to measure the (northern hemisphere) or the Southern Cross (Southern Hemisphere) with respect to the altitude of the horizon, we can calculate the distance between the vessel and the equator, and then calculate the ship’s latitude.

From the Renaissance. Only latitude can be reliably measured. As longitude purely rely on estimates that there is often a fatal error, until man invented accurate and reliable timing tool, the situation was improving. In 1761, Englishman John Harrison produced the first marine chronometer, it was formally addresses the issue.

Calculate longitude (east-west position)
Measurement of longitude, is to calculate the difference between local time and the reference time. By convention, the reference time is the time after the UK Greenwich meridian ( “prime meridian”) at. Therefore, the board must have a marine chronometer, can accurately record the time at the prime meridian in Greenwich throughout the voyage. Longitude calculation principle is: the Earth one day complete rotation once every 24 hours that is rotated 360 degrees, or 15 degrees per hour (360 divided by 24). The sun in the sky moving at the same speed, which can measure the local time.

When the sun rises in Greenwich noon time when the zenith (highest point in the sky in the middle), each 15 degrees west, its position in the air on the lower, corresponding in time is GMT minus one hour. Every 15 degrees east is plus one hour. This form of our time difference (time zone). Navigator measuring the sun using a sextant in his home location when you have reached the zenith. If the marine chronometer accurate record of the prime meridian of Greenwich time, will be able to read the local time and the time control. The difference between the two time transforming into a degree of difference (15 degrees per hour), which can determine the distance and position of the east-west axis (longitude) on.

Chronograph buying guide (lower)

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6. The clutch mechanism

Preceding column wheel and cam just dictate when to go and chronograph timing two systems typically use the same power source as well as a set of escapement, timing function is very energy consumption, so take the normal time to time, when the timing mechanism and the mechanism is gone when every minute disengagement, there must also be transmitted to the clutch mechanism is responsible for the timing mechanism mainspring energy. The clutch mechanism is divided into horizontal and vertical clutch two clutch type.

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The new VC 3300 chronograph movement clutch system level

Traditional systems use horizontal or lateral clutch mechanism to transmit energy. Basically set up a small gear wheel between seconds and chronograph wheel, using a small gear transfer power from one party to another. In most cases, the pinion of the second wheel has been driven, and is disposed a tie rod / arm. When the pinion affected column wheel or cam switches, link arm will swing or sliding contact chronograph seconds wheel. Due to the appropriate agency level to expand and appreciate its operation is undoubtedly a visual treat.

The key is to swing when the coupling engagement three key levels clutch gear timing structure. Production process subject to rigorous calculations derived its direction of movement and speed, in order to make the moment perfect swing coupling gear. In case both hit the tip of the teeth together, chronograph seconds hand on the disk will be significant “jumper phenomenon” – the powerful torque driven gear to adjust the tempo. In this system the additional wheels may also weaken the mainspring energy, affecting the amplitude of the balance wheel and, therefore, affect the accuracy of timekeeping.

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Vertical clutch system within the Rolex replica 4130 movement
As opposed to the clutch mechanism is vertical, vertical clutch system uses a superimposed manner chronograph seconds wheel placed above the ordinary second round, the two separated by the middle of the jaw (Users can see two discs, are wheel chronograph seconds and the second coupling section conventional wheel), controls the timing of opening / closing. Conventional second hand has been rotated to clamp off the timer counting both the power source of the second wheel lifted, when the clamp is released, the spring forces the top of the timing of the second wheel to fall, and ordinary second wheel pinion engagement, the timing function starts operation. The disadvantage is that vertical clutch system can not appreciate from the outside, have been blocking the mystery.

In the absence of the image plane of a sudden engagement of the clutch mechanism, reducing the risk of tooth loss tip, chronograph second hand may be better to walk no circumstances pointer jitter; secondly, it does not appear suddenly reduced balance wheel swing phenomenon; Further, the vertical structure of a role in the resistance movement of the engaging moment of strong shocks. But this does not mean that vertical clutch structure is perfect structure. It belongs to the association between two vertical planes, for its material, lubrication, surface grinding and coating and so made a very high demand.

If you focus on traditional and beautiful, horizontal clutch becomes beautiful; focus on scientific and technological progress and perfect precision, Rolex and Patek Philippe chronograph movement of production is the best choice.

7. The vibration frequency and accuracy

Movement, vibration frequency and timing accuracy are directly related. The higher the frequency, the higher the timing accuracy.

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The most common modern mechanical movement frequency is 28,800 VPH. That is eight times the needle vibrations per second, which means that the chronograph capable of measuring time to 1/8 seconds.
Similarly, the frequency can be measured watches 18000VPH accurate to 1/5 second. 21600VPH frequency results in 1/6 second accuracy. 36000VPH frequency can watch the timing accurate to 1/10 of a second.

Also keep in mind that the movement does not always translate directly into the operating frequency for the chronograph seconds hand movement is very important. This is because manufacturers can use to change the gear ratio chronograph hand run rate. 28,800VPH chronograph movement can often be displayed 1/5 seconds on the dial, rather than 1/8 seconds.

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In recent years, some manufacturers, particularly TAG Heuer replica, it has started production of two-barrel chronograph, two wheel train and escapement in running two different frequencies. Travel escapement in a low-frequency operation, which means low wear, long power reserve, while the escapement chronograph can at a faster rate, up to hundredths or thousandths of a second more time accuracy . Faster speed means winding chronograph quickly unwound, so super-fast chronograph time measurement is usually not more than an hour of the event. For example, TAG Heuer Mikrograph, measurement accuracy to 1/100 seconds chronograph up to a maximum of 90 minutes.
If you need a precision chronograph, such as 1 / 10S, please pay attention to the movement vibration frequency and timing of the second hand on the dial scale minimum interval to ensure that they meet your needs.

8. Additional advanced features
Chronograph there are some special advanced form of: returning to the timing and double chronographs.

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Returned to time (Flyback Chronograph) is a mechanical stopwatch function, when it is not a traditional stopwatch timing need to have a new start → stop → complete zero this action, but directly press zero, That is the central chronograph seconds hand momentarily and then return to continue walking time, equivalent to eliminating the traditional need to stop and zero trouble, if the words do not need to re-timing step is the same, do not underestimate this feature if you do not have a timing function FLYBACK stopwatch stop button on the trip directly to zero, then would hurt the movement.
Because of this complex function can save hours of operation, and therefore very popular among pilots welcome, it is very suitable for flight and navigation, but also applies to diving.

Another option is to double counting advanced features chronographs stopwatch (rattrapante), also known as split-seconds or doppelchronograph. Rattrapante refers to France’s “catch-up” or “catch again”, doppelchronograph German means “double counting.”
Dual chronographs stopwatch most complex chronograph with the second hand chasing, chasing the minute hand of two types, of which the most common and practical chasing seconds. It can be two simultaneous movement with chronograph seconds hand were stopped more than two segments recorded exercise time moving body. Especially in exercise time within 60 seconds, you can also visualize the difference between the two sports bodies consumed several times.

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Double-tracking needle is undoubtedly the most expensive chronograph, in this most complex ever recommend a chronograph (115,100 euros, the most expensive one) – Lange double chronographs stopwatch, it provides a chronograph seconds long each has its own 30-minute timer when – after needle double function. These four timing pointer (two seconds, two minutes) also retrace function. Also, the column-wheel movement has two – one for start stop reset function and a needle is used to chase.

9. You need a date?
I feel surprised, some of the best, the most popular modern chronograph, and many classic retro watch, no date. For example, the Rolex replica watches Daytona, old Omega Speedmaster Pro, the old IWC Portuguese Chronograph, and many other vintage chronograph.

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Fortunately, many of the new chronograph adds calendar, you have to make a choice, ask yourself can adapt without calendar watch?

10. More Scale
Adding scale can greatly expand the scope of application of the chronograph time dial or bezel. Basically these scales are based on the relationship between time, speed and distance between – if you know that the two values, you can calculate the third, and scale from a convenient slide rule function.

For example, the speedometer (tachymeter) can be calculated daily movement speed in kilometers or miles. Most speed scale began in 400, located about eight seconds on the dial position, at the end of 60, 60 seconds or 12 o’clock position. For example, the chronograph start time, after one car miles or kilometers flag stop the clock, take a look at the timing corresponding to the second hand tachometer scale point, this figure represents the speed of the car.

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There are distance meter scale Baume & Mercier
Distance meter (telemeter) allows the user based on the known speed and time to calculate the distance. The scale has typically utilize sound velocity in the atmosphere to measure the distance. The most widely cited example is the lightning and fire. The user sees an electro-optical timer is started immediately, stop the timer when you hear the sound. To approximate distance from the event can be read by a bar graph.

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Pulse meter (Pulsometers and asthmometers) the same principle, in order to instruct the patient’s pulse or breathing rate. Usually indicates the scale on the dial. Users jump 30 times with chronograph measuring pulse. Within the meaning of the second hand digital scale is the patient’s pulse.

Chronograph buying guide (on)

Chronograph, is generally considered to be a “tool watch” Before we review the history of the development of a simple chronograph, in order to select the correct tool for the job is right for you watch, chronograph before you buy, you need to carefully consider the following 10 factors:

1. You can use the timer feature?

Sales asked: “How will you use your chronograph?” Customer: “I do not have to use it thought about this issue?.” Chronograph is not just for sports time trial – they offer a lot of practical uses. For example, the cooking time tracking, parking meters, walking or running, biking, yoga exercise time, meeting. . . Or try this: When your wife said, and then five minutes to get dressed to go out. . . Immediately press the timing button … do not say, bad knees keyboard.

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Item Unit Charge any time you can use stopwatch to track billable time. Or you can also measure time blocking the road every day, watch TV commercials, or waiting for the doctor / dentist to pass the time. Note, however, most of the chronograph is not operating in the water, you can not be measured over time, such as more than 12 hours. Some chronograph can run continuously, while others are not (more on this later). Please choose carefully.

2. How legibility

Readability – Dial instructions must be easy to read, you can clearly read out the running time. Unfortunately, now this criterion is no longer taken for granted. Today, when the watch brand design, indicating the time in fashion often sacrifice altar. They thought to induce customers to say “this design looks cool.”

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IWC perpetual calendar replica watch engineer, sub-meter scale is ‘bitten’ a chunk. So pay attention to time-dial code table, especially to see what’s missing will. If you need to read chronograph in the dark, you have to see more closely, particularly to see the respective luminous coating, because very little accounting code table to meet your needs.

3. The self-produced chronograph movement ETA chronograph movement or

Chronograph movement varied: big production chronograph movement, ETA chronograph movement such public version.

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Production chronograph movement is usually for Integration, not modular, usually column-wheel structure. Self-produced movement can provide excellent functionality polished, carefully tuned, beautiful appearance. Brand’s own internal production also gives the corresponding brand design freedom, but also convenient brand production control. Chronograph movement capable of self-produced brand is not much, only a handful, of course, the cost is very expensive.

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Omega replica version of 7750 movement
ETA7750 probably is the most used chronograph movement, from Tissot to all nations and even in previous years Hublot has use; designed after decades of tests, very reliable, although not exclusive column-wheel structure where accuracy is not bad. Using this movement chronograph prices vary greatly, because the first ETA movement itself from the rough grinding to have a lot of ornamentation points by COSC certification levels, different natural price; on the other hand, such as brands such nations will certainly not direct 7750 installed to use, be sure to look polished look, replace some of the parts, the most common change is to change the shape or add Tuo Tuo carved back, to a corresponding increase of some premium.

4. Integrated design or additional timing module

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Rolex replica Daytona built 4130 movement, integrated design
When it comes to design chronograph movement, purists like integrated design integration, because integration design chronograph movement is taken into account from the outset of the timing-related needs. This means that all components have been optimized accordingly. Because the chronograph can be considered a “heavy” complex functions, operation consumes significant energy. If the chronograph movement produced on the basis of a drag, it may affect the timekeeping, which means that the chronograph can not accurately measure elapsed time (though most of us will not notice the moment error).

Modular chronograph movement, also called sandwich design, usually based on the dial side of the movement to add a separate timing mechanism, some small brands inventive, like to use on the basis of the movement plus ETA2892 third timing module, for example, the common use of Dubois Depraz timing module, I’m not too fond of this practice, an analogy, the car naturally aspirated engine your Riga turbines in the garage, certainly not original turbocharged engine, the reason is the same .
Basically, you can enjoy through the end of the timing of the operation of the lever mechanism are integrated design chronograph movement. Through the end I do not see what the timing mechanism are timing module to add third-party movement.

5. The timing control mechanism: a column wheel or cam

Chronograph must have corresponding control mechanism during operation can start, stop, reset operation. The traditional column-wheel control system structure, favored by purists, so named because the key component looks like a wheel, there is a series of small stand on top of the column. Each time you press the button to make the rotation of the wheels, and the columns and the gap between them just to get in contact with the operating lever, thereby let go when the train wheels and the chronograph wheel train connected to or out of contact;

Manufacturing is the traditional column-wheel technology, expensive, difficult to maintain. But the most critical is very nice and has a very smooth push-type feel. In other words, they are luxury chronograph born.

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Column wheel once ubiquitous, but some manufacturers have developed to replace the cam mechanism column wheel. The new system functions much like a traditional, eccentric cam (thin metal sheet with an irregular shape) to replace the column wheel. Cam systems usually have lower manufacturing costs, easier to adjust, easier to service, but not good-looking.

Swiss Replica Watches

In use, the cam efficiency than column-wheel differential. NASA on a column wheel and cam version Omega Speedmaster are certified for space flight. Lemania 5100 movement equipped with a chronograph, a cam mechanism, certified by some countries for military purposes, the most durable ETA 7750 movement is also a cam switch.

If you are looking for a rugged tool replica watches, you do not care about the beauty of the movement, the movement of the cam structure will suit you. If you pay attention to the aesthetic, more concerned with traditional skills, column-wheel movement is your dish.

Baselworld 2013 Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual GMT type II

Rolex replica watches

In 1959, Pan Am opened the first transcontinental connection in New York and Moscow direct flights, the crew was just wearing a Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual GMT-type watch. The watch can clearly show two time zones, became the golden age of the most famous civil aviation Airlines – the official watch of Pan Am, when pilots are widely recognized essential terms.

2013 Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show, the grand launch of the new 904L stainless steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual paragraph Greenwich type II watch, rotating bezel type on its first use blue and black color CERACHROM word ceramic rings, blue for the day, black represents the night.

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Rolex unique ceramic character circle color CERACHROM
New CERACHROM word ceramic ring is a major achievement in the Rolex technical and aesthetic, using patented technology developed by Rolex, the two different colors of ceramic material made of a whole word circle. This traditional two-color design and the first outer ring Greenwich Greenwich type II and type replica watch uk echoes.

CERACHROM word ceramic ring came in 2005, with a strong scratch damage, corrosion resistance, even if not fade by ultraviolet radiation. Its surface is polished diamonds, with excellent luster. Within 24 hours the word progressive scale ring, developed by Rolex PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition, Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology to fill a thin layer of platinum.

Oyster Case: Waterproof and rugged symbol
GMT-Master II watch Oyster case diameter of 40 mm, water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), it is elegant and sturdy, perfectly proportioned model. Unique middle case forged strong corrosion resistance of the original block 904L stainless steel. Triangular grooved bottom by Rolex replica watchmakers to tighten the special tool exclusive brand, so the case is completely sealed. Winding crown patented Triplock triple waterproofing system, securely fastened to the case, and by a middle case even as one of the crown shoulder pad protection. Scratch-resisting mirror blue crystal manufacturing, is also equipped with a small window at 3 o’clock lens, easier to read dates. Oyster case completely sealed Greenwich type II highly precise movement to provide the best protection.

Rolex replica watches

3186-type movement, chronometer top
Greenwich type II watch with Rolex developed entirely by 3186 self-winding mechanical movement, with a calendar window and the second time zone display. Like all Rolex constant motivation core, like 3186-type movement also gained recognition when the Swiss official identification meter certification, this certification specifically awarded to success through the Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC) detection precision watch. Exquisite design and high quality of the production process of this movement have superior accuracy and reliability. Watch heart parts – balanced swing components using patent blue PARACHROM gossamer Rolex by Rolex exclusive cast alloy. This springs from magnetic interference, at a temperature change still stable, shock resistance up to 10 times faster than conventional springs.

Solid link bracelet discount security
New Greenwich type II watch is equipped with solid 904L stainless steel chain link strap with Oyster Oyster insurance deduction to prevent accidental opening buckle; buckle is also installed on the cleverly designed replica Rolex patented easy to tune link simple extension system that allows strap can be easily extended about 5 millimeters, are more comfortable to wear in a variety of situations.

Rolex replica and tennis bond

Rolex replica honor of being behind the most exciting tennis tournament, players and organizations important driving force. Whether Wimbledon tournament, or Australian Tennis Open, or renowned Swiss tennis player Roger Federer ‧ Rolex support. Rolex and tennis this remarkable movement to establish a unique close contact.

Historical Origins
Origins Rolex and sport and human achievement can be traced between the brand inception. Brand founder Hans Wilsdorf ‧ early twentieth century by changing social and environmental impacts, founded his own watch manufacturing company. In the watch was seen as tiny accessories era, he was determined to create a strong, accurate and reliable watch, to accommodate people more active lifestyle.

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1910, located in Biel, Switzerland’s official rating center for the Rolex replica watches awarded a watch Swiss official certification, which is Switzerland’s first such certification awarded to watch. In 1926, Rolex successfully invented the world’s first waterproof watch ── a Rolex Oyster watches, Rolex thanks to the ingenuity of the patent system, the screw outer ring, case back and winding crown firmly tightened in case. A year later, in order to prove waterproof watch, Hans Wilsdorf ‧ invite Meisaidisi? Ji Lisi wearing the Oyster watch across the English Channel. After a dozen hours of travel to reach the end, when she was still wearing the watch to go as usual. The young lady Britain became the first Rolex spokesperson also a Rolex watch excellent quality of witnesses.

In 1931, Rolex invented the automatic chain constant pendulum thallium. This unique system has become a modern self-winding watch originator. Under the leadership of Hans Wilsdorf ‧, Rolex continues to the wider world is a laboratory, confirmed that the watch performance. Whether on land or in the air, at the top of the peaks or the deep ocean, Rolex watches have successfully withstood the most severe test of time and time again, to demonstrate its accurate and reliable. After participation in the many challenges the limits of human initiative, Rolex watches become a world-renowned brand, precise, rugged and reliable to win the trust of the world.

Rolex replica watches

Meisaidisi · Ji Lisi wear Oyster watch across the English Channel. After a dozen hours of travel to reach the end, when she was still wearing the watch to go as usual. The young lady Britain became the first Rolex spokesperson also a Rolex replica watch excellent quality of witnesses. At the same time, the continuous development of the Rolex brand and product, and strive to perfect. Because only the most superior material manufacture by the industry’s most talented design, Rolex watches thus become a symbol of elegance and dignity. Rolex seek partners, both as to its passionate pursuit of excellence, and strive accurate. Thus, Rolex and tennis can be described as a matter of course become attached. The late 1970s, Rolex timepiece as a designated Assembly Wimbledon Championships since continued to flourish in collaboration with Rolex tennis.

Wimbledon Championships
Rolex attaches great importance to cooperation with the Wimbledon Championships. Wimbledon is the world’s oldest lawn tennis tournament, in July 1877 for the first time will be held at the All England Tennis. Wimbledon is the world’s oldest and most well-known of the top tennis tournament, while maintaining the traditions and characteristics, continue to evolve. Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch is also the pursuit of balance tradition and innovation. The common concept for cooperation Rolex and tennis community foundation.

Australian Tennis Open
Rolex is the designated Australian Tennis Open timepiece joint sponsor and the General Assembly, and proud of it. Brand ambassador Roger Federer has won four Australian Open champion, he said the Australian Open as “Happy Slam.” Australian Open is the first Grand Slam tennis tournament each year, during the game from beginning to end is full of festive atmosphere. Record-breaking attendance each year, thousands of fans had come here to watch the world’s major tennis expert in Australia Xiaji Lie Kusakabe fighting.

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More cooperation
Rolex replica watches uk timepiece General Assembly designated the International Association of Tennis Professionals World Tour and its key events ATP World Tour Finals, the General Assembly also designated timepiece Tour Finals WTA. ATP World Tour Finals and Finals WTA Tour players were gathered in the quarterfinals of the men’s and women’s singles and doubles. Both games held in different countries, for the annual tennis grand finale. Every April the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters can be described as star-studded, the best tennis players in the clay courts overlooking the Mediterranean race ATP 1000 World Tour Masters title. Fortunately, there is the title sponsor of the Rolex Shanghai Rolex Masters. This competition was founded in 2009, it is recognized as Asia’s best men’s tennis tournament. In the first five years, this event is eligible for a public golfer named ATP Masters ATP 1000, we can see its high specifications.

Rolex replica watches

In addition, Rolex also sponsors other ATP 1000 Masters, as Muta A Madrid Open, held in Rome, Italy Labor Bank Cup, Canada’s Rogers Cup, the BNP Paribas Masters in Indian Wells, California, held BNP Paribas Open and the like. ATP 500 tournaments aspect, Rolex-sponsored competition include: China Open in Beijing at the Dubai Tennis Championships, as well as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Open.

Rolex is also fully supported by the International Tennis Federation to host the Davis Cup, and the annual Hall of Fame Tennis Championships in Newport, Rhode Island grass court held, to participate in this tournament outstanding player all become members of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. As Rolex spokesman Rod Lever, Bjorn Pogue and Ji are included silk · Aihua special in 1981, 1987 and 1995 Hall of Fame members.

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Rolex spokesperson
Outstanding in tennis Rolex spokesperson also includes Swiss world number one Roger Federer. Felda had to take more than three consecutive weeks ranked first in the world (breaking the previous record), and won 17 Grand Slam titles, in 2012 won the silver medal in the London Olympics, but won the Davis Cup in 2014. And Rolex, as required absolute precision consistent tennis. Federer cooperation since 2001 and the Rolex, the game more than any one player in history. His duel with the most numerous champions confirmed his undoubted ability.

Rolex is also supported by the Swiss players Bailian da Binsi, Bulgaria star Jige · Dimilufu Serbian player Anna Ewan slave domain silk, China’s Li Na, Argentina’s Juan Martin Dipp map, Canada player Milos Raonic, American rookie Silang? Shitifensi, French star Zoe Song Jia Wei Fade and Danish women, Caroline Wozniacki.

Rolex replica watches

The relentless pursuit of excellence and the tennis especially popular, prompting the world’s leading Swiss replica watch Rolex has long been a leader in efforts to support the development of the sport. It is also watchmaking and tennis common pursuit of perfection, contributed to the close collaboration between the two.

Bamford joint British Coldplay brand Rodnik Release Snoopy Series again

replica watches uk

Composite introduction of exclusive replica watch boutique ARTIFACTS top custom brand from the United Kingdom Bamford Watch Department (BWD or said Bamford), with the top military PVD coating, texture comprehensive personal creation, is the first brand watches currently modified; Hollywood celebrities such as Beckham couple (David and Victoria Beckham), Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna even Russian President Vladimir Putin are all Bamford lovers. ARTIFACTS recommended recently launched by critics of Snoopy joint family, so that Taiwan players can also be synchronized with the global trend.

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Rolex Datejust with a dash of Snoopy and Woodstock, the world’s limited 25
Bamford and Rodnik cooperation Snoopy series has been a favorite of players, resulting in the launch of the first wave of panic buying. Recent wins while chasing, jointly launched the second paragraph, the same as the end of the Rolex replica Datejust, groove metal bezel and a classic two-tone color 36mm; and this time with joy running patterns Snoopy presented for the hour and minute hands , also joined the best partner for Snoopy’s: Woodstock, with the second hand way, quickly spun around Snoopy, lifelike. Table box is Snoopy’s cabin, this cabin will be painted red Bamford classic colors: black, accompanied Woodstock modeling flash drive, complete presentation Snoopy spirit, allowing the player to put it down. The joint limit 25, has set off a craze among the players, ARTIFACTS recommend this watch the most comprehensive services, hoping to bring Taiwanese collectors refreshing enjoyment.

replica watches uk


ARTIFACTS unique philosophy of life attitude, ingenuity works of artists from around the world, they have the most unique story, part of our style now popular novel, it is also futuristic collection Yiping. ARTIFACTS share an inspiration to experience and ways of thinking, items across a variety of ideas and inspiration, including fashion, art, design and creativity. ARTIFACTS currently seven stores are set in Taipei and Taichung downtown shopping area, respectively, in Taipei’s Daan District, Xinyi District, and in the mountains and Situn District Taichung.

replica watches uk

Bamford and Rodnik cooperation Snoopy Snoopy replica watch in joy running patterns presented to the hour and minute hands,Also joined the best partner for Snoopy’s: Woodstock, with the second hand way, quickly spun around Snoopy, lifelike.